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We Craft Wine Different

At Harvest Social Cantina, grape growers within 10km of our Adelaide Hills winery send their grapes - rain, hail or shine - we turn it into great tasting wine - and deliver 50% of the profits directly to the grower - giving them far more than they typically receive from traditional pathways to market. We aim to bring some of the best fruit from the Adelaide Hills to your glass - for sharing with food, family and friends - whilst maximising the return to farmers.

In the agricultural heart of the Adelaide Hills, we've formed stronger bonds with local farmers through maximising their profits. The result is happier growers, better fruit and better wine - crafted in a better way - for you to enjoy.

Brendan and Laura Carter

Lovingly Handcrafted.

Never heard of a social cantina? We didn't either until we tried to find an equitable solution for our farmers! Learn more about it here!

What's A Social Cantina?

The Artwork

We collaborated with the immensely talented South Australian artist, Tiff Manuell for our unique labels. Read more about our journey to this incredibly unique piece!

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From The Adelaide Hills.

To Your Door: For Sharing With Food, Family and Friends.